Friday, August 3, 2012

F is for Finally

Hello again!

I was doing so well and then I kind of fell off the planet. Here's why.

Up until this morning, I had no idea what grade I would be teaching this school year. I am certified K-6 and my school goes from K-8. It could have been anything. I spent the whole summer freaking out and very anxious. I spent roughly five weeks of not knowing what I needed to plan for.

I asked and asked and asked. It got to the point where I couldn't even open my Daily 5 book to continue the book study. I felt sick about it all summer.

I am a worrier and a very very nervous person in general. Slowly that anxiety started to build into anger and I started a series of projects that I started to call Rage Crafting.

But between all of that I had a really good time this summer. I got to go to Michigan and see a dear friend. I spent some quality time with the hurbs. I spent time with several of my parents. Hurbs and I made a very big purchase (more on that later). Life was good.

So now I'm in crazy mode. Our PD stuff starts on Monday with our Meet and Greet on Wednesday. I have to move classrooms (luckily only next door) and my new room currently has no furniture and no carpet. But it does have cabinets and a sink! My room is the only one that has that! Woo woo! I'm so happy about those cabinets I could cry.

Any way. Anticipate more posts coming your way. I feel like I spent the summer in a twisted knot and now it's time to loosen up and kick it in gear. I have a million ideas and I'm ready to get started!

-Ms. A

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  1. You got this!
    Also, save me some cabinet space. Seriously! :)